Trusting Hands Equestrian Teaching

Contact: Cathy Fleace (Instructor)

78474 340 Ave. · Worthington, MN 56187 Map this

Phone: 507-370-7433

Teaching you to teach your horse! Yes, one-on-one unique to horse world, Cathy teaches you how to communicate and connect with your horses. Cathy has developed a method of teaching that uses both Natural Horsemanship (10 yrs. old study) and Classical Dressage, that brings out the best of both worlds. Our Mission is to teach you to teach your own horse, with one-on-one instruction. Develop the horse person within you have always wanted to be! Trusting Hands uses the concept of the "whole horse" bringing balance back to the horse, to create the best picture of the perfect horse. Cathy uses natural hoof care methods, proper saddle fit, nutrition, stabling/pasture environment and the like to aid in the development of the closest picture of a perfect horse.




Website: Trusting Hands Equestrian Teaching

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