Cambria Horsemanship

Contact: Hannah Rivard (Trainer)

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Phone: 111-111-1111

Cambria Horsemanship combines the methods of Carolyn Resnick (free choice liberty training), Leslie Desmond's Horsemanship Through Feel (using release, not pressure), and J.P. Giacomini (classical dressage through the relax reflex and Endotapping). Through these methods, incredible bridleless and liberty dressage is possible. Shadowfax is more real than you think. Hannah also works with horses in on camera work, including modeling and acting, and is available for modeling and acting, either with her own trained Andalusian or with your own animals. Hannah would love to talk to you about horsemanship and is available for free phone, e-mail, or video coaching, and comes regularly to Minnesota for lessons and clinics.




Website: Cambria Horsemanship

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