Chrisalem Hills

Contact: Toni Marie O'Daniel (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Kristin O'Daniel (Manager)

17690 Clayton Avenue · Rosemount, MN 55068 Map this

Phone: 651-366-2821

Secondary Phone: 651-253-6536

Cellphone: 651-366-2821

We are an Amateur Show barn specializing in the Arabian horse. Our farm has an in-house coach for amateurs to work with and take lessons from. We also bring in different clinicians and trainers to help amateurs with their training of their horse. Amateurs work together with other amateurs to learn new training techniques and foster new training ideals. The farm is centrally located right off of Hwy 52 in Rosemount, MN. We have a huge 80x220 indoor arena as well as 12x12 rubber matted stalls. We have a heated lounge, wash rack and two tack rooms available to all boarders. Chrisalem Hills offers three different levels of help when it comes to the show circuits. Diva's: Those of us who think we know everything, but really do need help because we are too busy or lazy to do it all ourselves. We will trailer, feed and clean your horses stall at the show. We can also help get you ready for your class. (staying within the amateur rules.)Delusional's: Those of us who really want to do everything ourselves, but don't have the time or resources to do so. May need trailing to shows, help with clipping, and feeding at shows.Wanna Be's: Those of us who do everything ourselves but just want to be in a group to help out when something goes wrong, or just to get extra moral support. You already trailer, clean, and feed your horse at the shows.Chrisalem Hills goes to all levels of shows from schooling, open, rated, regional and finally Nationals. We will set up the stall curtains and allow everyone to finally feel like they are important and not being located in the back of a barn. We will share each others glory and the dismal rides that we all have, but the most important part is that we are a family and have fun.Come join our family and see what we are all about.




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