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Contact: Ardis Beach (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Doug Beach (Co-owner)

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Phone: 218-746-4364

Secondary Phone: 218-821-2099

Rock Solid Arena Horse Training Mentoring Program!! Few things are more rewarding than setting a goal for your horse and then accomplishing that goal as a "team"! I lead you, step by step, to a successful result: A horse that loves to work and be with you and one that will trust and respect you. There will be frustrating training sessions where everything does not go as planned, but as long as you keep your focus and your patience, the two of you WILL reach your goal in the end. When finished with our Rock Solid Mentoring Program, you and your horse should be able to comfortably face most any distraction while you are maintaining control. They ARE an animal. None of them are bomb proof!! God did not make them capable of that! It's called "fight or flight". We start with very simple goals in our training sessions and move forward at a pace prescribed by you and your horse - not a timetable. Inch by inch anything's a cinch! Desensitizing and ground manners. Your horse's foundation is where it all begins - and that's from the ground. Everything else will fall into place once your horse learns to trust and respect you. By controlling his movement, you'll take the leadership - head of the "pecking order". If you don't take the leadership - your horse will! Mentoring vs Coaching At Rock Solid Arena Coaches are the ones on the sidelines telling the players how to get the job done - they are calling plays, making substitutions and are focused on the "team" reaching a goal. Mentors are more like team captains. They aren't coaching from the sidelines, they are in the game. Mentors aren't telling people what they need to do; they are working with them to get the job done. Mentors are not just focused on giving the instruction; mentors are more willing to have a balanced relationship with those they are working with. Mentors don't just say "you have to do it and it needs to be done this way,". Mentors are going to be the ones who recognize that working with others will also help them grow. That's what Rock Solid Arena provides. Hands on - your hands - to learn what to do and how to do it. Your horse learns to work for "you". Your horse learns to trust "you." When you and your horse leave - your horse takes home the trust he's built with you, instead of leaving it with the professional horse trainer. Horse’s Don’t Lie Whether riding the trails, running competition, or working the ranch, it’s important to be able to cross over, go through, ride by various obstacles that could be scary from your horse’s point of view. Horses don’t fake, don’t know how to lie, they’re very truthful, so that fear they feel is very real. I help you motivate your horse to overcome his fear. If you approach a creek that your horse is afraid of, you spur and whip to accomplish the task at hand, he’ll be convinced that you’re trying to kill him. The more convinced he becomes, the harder he’s going to fight for his survival. You can force him with spurs and whip and hope he has learned a lesson. Your horse is thinking that he almost diedâ€Â¦ and hopes he never has to do that again! My goal is to remove as much stress as possible and encourage you to encourage your horse to try and to trust you. Obstacles come and go, but the relationship I help you build with your horse is here to last. Do you have problems you want to solve with your horse? Until you establish yourself as the leader, you are going to continue to have trouble with your horse. You MUST resolve all respect issues on the ground - then you can teach the horse other things. You’ll be able to overcome training issues, includingâ€Â¦ 1. Respect your space... 2. Ground mannersâ€Â¦ 3. Whoa means “Whoa!Ӊ€Â¦ 4. Control their movement to establish your leadershipâ€Â¦ 5. Give their feetâ€Â¦ 6. Trailer loadingâ€Â¦ 7. Desensitizingâ€Â¦ 8. Stand when mountingâ€Â¦ 9. How to read body language and the importance of itâ€Â¦ 10. How to be a Kind Bossâ€Â¦ 11. Stand when mounting anywhereâ€Â¦ â€Â¦plus more! And best of all, you’ll do it all and they’ll be your friend when you are done. It will take more than a week to teach all of the above. I'd take you and your horse a far as I can, as fast as I can without "getting ahead" of you both. If more time is desired, we'll just keep working. You decide how many weeks. It is the consistency and intense daily work that teaches and shows them that YOU are in command. OPEN RIDING AVAILABLE !! Walk over, under & through obstacles, cones for weaving, barrels to run, stuff to drag, slickers, tarps, jugs and cans. Three tier bridge, end of the trail, box of cans, teeter totter, kids pool, noodles, much, much, more! Training props, ground poles, Mounted Posse Desensitizing Props are available for use. Groundwork and obstacle course ideas are posted. Don't bore your horse by going in circles on the rail.




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