Rock Ranch

Contact: Marie LaRock (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Dan LaRock (Co-owner)

363 40th Ave · Hills, MN 56138 Map this

Phone: 507-220-5954

Secondary Phone: 605-929-9291

Rock Ranch is a great place for kids to learn the art and joy of horsemanship in a natural, Christ-filled setting. Our sessions and lessons have been completely filled in each year of our operation. We are focused on providing quality horsemanship skills to children ages 6 to 17. We also provide equine related experiences for seniors in assisted living situations. Finally, we serve kids suffering from the negative affects of trauma through equine involved counseling. We would not be able to offer the kind of quality instruction we're committed to providing without the support of multiple friends, donors, Ranch Hands and volunteers. We love kids. We love seniors. We love our community. God Is Good.




Website: Rock Ranch

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