M.L. Natural Horsemanship

Contact: Molly LaFreniere (Trainer)

Alternate Contact: Molly LaFreniere (Instructor)

PO BOX 991 · GRAND MARAIS, MN 55604 Map this

Phone: 218-387-4293

Hello there! If your reading this you are either curious about learning more about Natural Horsemanship, or your having some difficulties with your horse and you are considering a non-aggressive way of trying to work out your issues. So lets talk about what Natural horsemanship really is. The technical term is; Horsemanship using communication techniques and rejecting abusive training methods. That is well said, BUT its more than that. Its a journey that you and your horse both go on . You both gain a new respect for each others space, you learn each others insecurities/boundaries and learn to grow on them instead of turning them into an aggressive learning technique. I have been a Natural Horsemanship Trainer for over 10 years. I grew up on a horse training ranch were they broke horses "old west" style. Its fast and effective... Yes... But you don't build a connection, and you break the horses "spirit" if you will. With Natural Horsemanship training your letting the horse learn on his own terms and well as yours. There is no fighting or rough handling. Its a calm environment and should be a place you both enjoy working in. Natural Horsemanship Training takes time and lots of patience and dedication. While this type of training is better for your horse and you stress wise and safety wise, it doesn't rule out all possibilities of danger or harm to you or your equine friend.




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