Doc Hammill Horsemanship

Contact: Doc Hammill (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Cathi Greatorex (Co-owner)

P.O. Box 1494 · Eureka, MN 59917 Map this

Phone: 406-250-8252

Secondary Phone: 406-890-3083

Cellphone: 406-250-8252

Doc Hammill Horsemanship offers educational opportunities that help people to understand and build relationships with their horses. We believe that YOU are your horse's best teacher; we teach you to gently, safely, and effectively harness, hitch, drive, work, and train horses through:A Comprehensive Horsemanship DVD series,Workshops around the country and at our ranch in Montana,Publications & Articles,Seminars and speaking engagements,Private mentorship on YOUR farm or ranch,Telephone and on-line coaching.




Website: Doc Hammill Horsemanship

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