Healthy Hoof Farrier Service

Contact: Dan (Owner)

7745 125th St NW · Annandale, Wright & Hennepin County, MN 55302 Map this

Phone: 320-420-4786

Healthy Hoof Farrier Service is provided by Lake Cassidy Stables, offering only the best in hoof care! With an anatomy based approach, your horse will be as perfectly balanced as possible; making them sound, comfortable, and maximizing their performance. We offer Basic Trimming, Hot & Cold Shoeing, Corrective Trimming & Shoeing, Pads, & Customized Handmade Shoes for every circumstance. Working with founder/laminitis, navicular disease, thrush, and other hoof conditions or trauma; as well as geriatric, young, and problem horses. Give us a call today, you and your horse will be happy you did!




Website: Healthy Hoof Farrier Service

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