Truhaven Ranch/CM Livery & Training Stable

Contact: Candy Phillips (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Candy Phillips (Trainer)

23677 Cable Ave · Winsted, MN 55395 Map this

Phone: 320-224-5454

Cellphone: 320-224-5454

We believe that every person and every equine is worthy of being their best. We help you translate an equine’s natural language into comprehensive coaching for those seeking a true partnership with their equine. We believe the relationship should be as good for the equine as it is for the human. Through conscious awareness and continual improvement, we commit to the betterment of equines in every interaction, at all times, and in all ways. Whether your interest is to have a relationship with your equine on the ground or in the saddle, we can assist you to better understand your equine therefore creating a safer, happier life for both of you. If you are having problems and have become disenchanted we can help you fall back in love with the equine you have! We are excited to share our journey with you! "Striving to Make a Difference 4 Hooves & 2 Heels at a Time" Home of :Angel Ears" Donkey Haven We offer equine education classes, lessons and equine training for mules, horses and donkeys of all sizes.




Website: Truhaven Ranch/CM Livery & Training Stable

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