Essence of Equus

Contact: Wendy DeCamp (Trainer)

24700 Tucker Rd · Rogers, MN 55374 Map this

Phone: 763-360-3392

Western training, riding lessons and Equine-Assisted Coaching in partnership with the horse. The foundation of all our teaching is mindfulness and connection. We teach how to connect with the horse and communicate with them in their language. And, how to create a deeper connection to ourselves, how to listen to our own bodies wisdom and why that is important in working with horses as well in everyday life. During the lessons students will learn: Safety while working with horses. Horse communication. Basic horse care (brushing, cleaning hooves, etc.) Riding techniques that meet the riders needs and goals. Wendy trains horses in a similar way she teaches riding lessons. She meets the horses where they are in their training and works with them to increase their confidence and skill. Wendy works with the horses to find their strengths and teaches them at their pace of learning.




Website: Essence of Equus

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