Midwest Western Dressage

Contact: Jen Johnson (Manager)

Alternate Contact: Greta Liubakka (Manager)

9174 Endicott Ave NW · Maple Lake, MN 55358 Map this

Phone: 612-245-8901

Secondary Phone: 320-963-6779

Western Dressage is not just another class to enter, not just another skill to learn. Western Dressage brings the English and Western worlds together. Whether we ride in a Stetson or Breeches, whether we work to perfect the piaffe or the sliding stop, we all can benefit from teaching our horses to carry themselves properly and use their hindquarters.~Western Dressage can be done by every horse regardless of breed, color, sex, size, talent, or level of training. ~It requires no special equipment or a lot of money~Western Dressage builds confidence and will help you become a better rider~Western Dressage will help your horse improve at other disciplines Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can learn how to use Western Dressage to develop a better partnership with your horse. When we set aside our differences and come together for clinics and competitions in this new discipline, we will know that we truly are not very different after all.For more information, please contact us! We have a lot of clinics and events coming up!




Website: Midwest Western Dressage

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