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THERAPEUTIC COACHING & EQUINE ASSISTED COACHING Have you ever felt stuck in your career, relationships, or personal development, and didn't feel that long-term therapy was the solution? Have you tried other ways to change behaviors only to find that over time you revert back to the same old behaviors? Now there is an alternative. Did you know that all successful Change, Behavior and Learning take place at the unconscious level? Did you know that values are a person's unconscious blueprints for life and the driving force behind all behaviors? A Therapeutic Coachテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつョ is designed to help people who are motivated to change and break through those obstacles that block the pathway to success. With the use of NLP and Hypnosis as well as other coaching techniques,a Therapeutic Coachテャテッツソツステδッテつソテつステャテッツソツステモテつョ can assist with professional blocks, career enhancement and changes, personal issues, relationship and family issues, organizational restructuring and enhancement, team building, etc. Eliminate fears, phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks. Understand the internal conflicts that prevent you from achieving success. Clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs and realign your values, while installing new beliefs, and strategies that will support you in achieving your goals and making permanent change. Learn the secrets to setting goals and achieving them consistently. Equine Assisted Coaching is an emerging field in which horses partner with coaches to guide personal and professional growth and development. Educators introduce their clients to a variety of activities with horses, mostly on the ground, that will encourage people to recognize patterns and behaviors in their own lives and gain insights into how to most effectively change and grow. This process is a type of Experiential Learning.


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