Optimal Animals

Contact: Sarah Bertsch (Owner)

237 Woodview Trail · Hudson, WI 54016 Map this

Phone: 612-709-5405

Optimal Animals, LLC provides Acupressure & Reiki for the animals you love. Sessions are done in the comfort of your own barn/pasture or home. Acupressure & Reiki are gentle, non-invasive tools that facilitate energetic balance for physical, mental & emotional well-being. Sarah Bertsch has advanced training in Equine Acupressure and also in Animal Reiki. She loves to work on horses, dogs, cats, and more! While not substitutes for regular veterinary care, Acupressure & Reiki can facilitate benefits such as reduced anxiety, mental clarity, improved flexibility & overall performance, reduced inflammation, improved digestion, healthier ageing and even comfort at end-of-life. Please call or email for a complimentary phone consultation.


Website: Optimal Animals

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