ATH Science Inc.

Contact: Thomas N. Tweeten PhD (Owner)

Alternate Contact: Lola Mueller (Sales)

815 Creekwood Drive · Chaska, MN 55318 Map this

Phone: 952-226-4192

ATH Science, Inc., under the direction of Dr. Tom Tweeten, has developed the EquiScentials Horse Care Products. The product line includes: EquiCoat Body Wash Shampoo, EquiChrome Shampoo, EquiChrome Conditioner, Coat Cleaner, Coat Enhancer, Coat Finisher, Mane & Tail Detangler, and Hair & Hoof Moisturizer. The products are natural based, designed specifically for animal care. When applied as part of the animal care grooming process, they leave a natural feel. Fragrances used in the products are selected specifically for animal compatibility. Products are labeled to meet FDA guidelines.



Website: ATH Science Inc.

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